Elsewhere Program-(12-18 years old) Please contact Elsewhere to schedule a one-day free trial.

Monday OR Thursday $180 per month PLUS $100 annual registration fee.

Both Monday and Thursday $300 per month PLUS $100 annual registration fee.

Fees are due at the start of each of three terms. Sibling discounts available.


Playing Werewolf, a game of deduction


Harmony Program-(5-12 years old) Please contact the Harmony Homeschoolers to set up a visit.

Full time (2-day) member cost is $300 per month and is paid in full before the start of each trimester. When spots are available, one day options are possible at a rate of $180 per month also paid in advance of each term. There is a $100 registration fee for supplies and insurance for each member. Sibling discounts are available and costs are prorated when starting mid term.

Sibling discount eligibility applies across the Elsewhere and Harmony programs.

Snack time togetherness

Village Co-operative (6+ years old) Please contact Village Homeschool to schedule a visit.

Costs are payable per term. There is a registration fee per family, insurance fees per member (including parents and younger siblings), and additional class fees based on children’s selections.