Summer Studies

For many, Summer is the time to relax, head down the shore, take vacations and not think about education for a couple of months. With that free time mentality, sometimes we miss out on the friends and activities we partake in during the rest of the year.


This summer we will continue to run an Education Elsewhere program on Thursdays. Of course vacations away are important too so we are offering a 6 of 8 program. In which the initial cost of the program allows you to pick which 6 of the 8 Thursdays in July and August best suit your family’s plans.


We will continue to work on academic subjects but will enjoy the outdoors for summer fun and experiments. We hope you will join us.


When we return in the fall we will be expanding the tween/teen program to a second day of the week. Mondays we will rent more space at the camp and work with Harmony Homeschoolers to meet the needs of all ages of children.

Please contact me at if you have any follow up questions regarding either the Summer or Fall programs.


Hope to see you soon.


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